AED Implementation FAQ’s

What do I need to do to implement an AED program?
State AED law requires medical direction, written protocols for use, notification to local EMS of placement, and CPR/AED (specific to model placed) certification of “expected user. We can do all of this and more for you to have a well designed AED program.
Why do you only represent Philips Medical AEDs?
Way back in 1996 when we researched all of my options for AED models, we settled on the Philips devices simply because, we feel, they are the best. Best waveform technology, best “ease of use”, best record of lack of FDA recalls and best in pioneering AED improvements. We feel if you are trying to save a life, you should use the best equipment available!
I have heard that AEDs are simple to use, why do I need a 4 hour class in CPR/AED?
Many sales people will tell you just that, but we can tell you from experience about the stress involved in an actual cardiac arrest event and that training is critical. We will put you in scenarios in a controlled setting where you will use an AED trainer that acts just like the real one. We will also cover specific maintenance procedures on the specific device we are placing at your business. This detailed instruction can mean the difference in success when using the unit in an actual incident.
How do I know what model to implement?
That is determined by where and how you will use it. If you are going to put it into a heated, air conditioned office, then the OnSite is perfect for you. But if you want to put it on a construction truck where dust and/or moisture is going to be encountered, then you need to go with the FRX. When you pay more for an AED, you are not just increasing life saving capabilities but are getting more environmental durability. Specializing in this since 1997, we will be able to help you select the proper model for your needs.
What is the cost of ownership and should I invest in an annual service plan?
Cost of ownership is not much. You should plan on approximately $120 every 2 years on pad replacement and approximately $160 every 4 years for battery replacement. Philips AEDs do not need an annual service. They self test themselves every 24 hours and in training we will show you how to perform the maintenance so you do not need need to spend more on an annual service program.


AED Rental Program

Why do you rent AED's?
We realized that there was a need for renting AEDs for short term use. Many event organizers of 5k runs, weekend town festivals, marathons and summer camps do not want to spend money to purchase and maintain a device but do want to have them at their event to increase safety.
How much does it cost?
Rental fees are based on how long and how many units you need. We rent by days, weeks, months and year. If you need one for more than a year, it is more feasible to actually purchase one from us. If you need more than one unity, we offer a volume discount. Contact us for a price quote.
Is there a resupply cost (pads, battery etc.) if we actually use the AED?
No and we offer free event review with printed report after a use.
What is the procedure to reserve and how are they shipped to me?
To reserve a unit(s), you contact us with your timeframe and we take your credit card for payment to reserve your rental. We will send you your credit card receipt at that time. We then will ship using ground UPS prior to your event. You are then responsible for the UPS shipment back to us in Denver. We can do last minute “rush” shipments but you will incur the cost of overnight, 2nd day air service.
What model AED do you use for rentals?
They will be the Philips AED which are dust and waterjet proof. They are designed to take the “wear and tear” of a rental program. We will supply pediatric pads if you are working with children 8 or under and this is free of charge. When contacting us to reserve your rental, please indicate that you will need pediatric pads.

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