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Kick Start My Heart Foundation 

Boulder based, Kick Start My Heart was founded by a group of English born soccer players. Beginning in 2005, the Foundation sponsored an annual Soccer-Thon where all the proceeds from team registrations went back to the Foundation to help school and/or teams subsidize their AED package.  Now each summer a “Hit for Hearts” golf tournament is held and every February there is a SweetHeart Ball, which is  a dinner/dance with silent auction. These are our two major fundraisers that go to placing units statewide.


1. Contact Kick Start My Heart at 303-456-8543 (800-394-8984)
2. Complete the application and return with the $750 “buy-in” donation
3. Once received, you will be placed on the waiting list
4. Once you move to #1 on the waiting list, we will contact you to schedule the CPR/AED training for staff
5. AED will be delivered to you at the time of training

For $750 your school can implement a $3,000 package and increase student, staff, and parent safety.

For more information please visit Kick Start My Heart Today!

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