Certification FAQ’s

Why don't you use a national program (i.e. Red Cross, American Heart, National Safety, etc.) in your trainings?
We feel that the nation programs use a “generic cookie cutter” concept in their instruction. We have developed customized, practical course that are specific for your application. (Adult First Aid, Pediatric First Aid, Sport Medic First Aid, Law Enforcement Responder, etc.) We follow all national standards for CPR and First Aid when instructing medical professionals like physicians, nurses and/or dentist. We are a training center for the Emergency Care and Safety Institute and use their curriculum. ECSI is nationally accredited.
How long are the certifcations good for?
We model our certifications after the national programs and they are good for two years.
What are the details for class times, minimum age to attend a training, minimum and/or maximum class size?
It is up to you on when the class is held. Usually we do two evenings or an all day Saturday to complete the CPR and First Aid certifications. The minimum age for attendance is 10 years old. We require a minimum of 8 students to do a training at your site. Maximum number of students is determined by the training space you have available. We have the capability to do large classes.
Where are your classes held?
We hold trainings statewide. Pleases call to find one in your area or to schedule one for your agency.
What type of CPR do I need?
If you are a lay responder (childcare provider, fitness instructor, police officer, business person, etc.), you need the Basic Life Support (BLS) certificate. If you are a healthcare professional (doctor, nurse, dentist, etc.), you need to take the ECSI “Health Care Provider CPR” course.
Why do you have different First Aid Courses?
Adults (over 18 years) have different medical conditions and react physically and emotionally in a different way than children (0-18 years) do. For instance, a 3 years old preschooler is not likely to have a stroke but they will put rocks up their nose. Our First Aid classes will address these differences. Our Sports Medic First Aid focuses on sports injuries most likely encountered by coaches and trainers. This way, you get a relevant and specific training course.


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  1. melinda / Reply March 6, 2016 at 4:46 am

    I’m looking to find out when you do next class in/close to Longmont,CO.
    And, the price for your training for cpr/aed for personal training certification requirement.


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