Tactical Casualty Care (TCC)

“In mass casualty scenarios, uninjured citizens often step forward to initiate care for the wounded. These “first care providers are one of the most important links in the TCC chain of survival for victims. Teachers, librarians, and office workers should be taught appropriate level TCC principles.” (Journal of Emergency Medical Services –JEMS-Oct.2014)

A study done by Texas State University on active shooter incidents for period of 2000-2012 found the following:

*40% occurred in places of business including offices, stores and industrial locations

*Next most common location, (29%) happened at schools and colleges

*Since 2009, incidents have tripled to around 15/year

HeartSmart has developed training (Tactical Casualty Care-Introduction) and TCC kits so first responders have the supplies to quickly save their life or the lives of other victims. You can bleed to death in 3 minutes. The two hour class includes use of tourniquets, combat gauze, chest seals and gives the officer or lay person good fundamental knowledge on Phases of TCC, bleeding control, shock recognition and treatment, use of all items of the LifePak kits. Our 2 hour class is approved by Colorado Police Officer Standards and Training (POST) and we are instructing police departments statewide. The above findings emphasize the need for all communities to prepare for the “unthinkable”.

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