Paul K. Woods

"Of more than 130 instructors I have used, you are the number one highest rated instructor. I could not possibly write a stronger letter of reference for you & your company."

Paul K. Woods, Ph.D.Director
Colorado Department of Transportation - Training Academy

Penny-Jo Gustafson

"There was quite a lot of "feedback" pertaining to the class. The members said it was the best CPR/First Aid training they have ever received thus far."

Penny-Jo Gustafson Emergency Action Team Coordinator
Amoco Production Company

Dianne Faircloth

"It was by far the best presentation I have attended and I would highly recommend your course to anyone.  Looking forward to future classes with you."

Dianne Faircloth, R.N.
Platte River Industries, Inc.

Jane Walsh

"The HeartSmart staff who conduct the training have always been competent and have exuded a high level of professionalism.  I am writing to express my continued satisfaction with the high level of service & quality of training Rich Perse's company, HeartSmart, has delivered."

Jane Walsh Specialist
Denver Public Schools ECE Program

Carla Downing

"HeartSmart, Inc. has been providing Avista Hospital with a high quality Infant/Child CPR & First Aid since 2005.  The Family Life Education department here at Avista offers this class to all of their Pre-natal patients and family."

Carla Downing Manager of Family Life Education
Avista Hospital

Kevin Krayna

"We have been using the products and services of HeartSmart for several years here at the City of Boulder.  We have been especially pleased with the expertise involved with their CPR/AED training.  There is a high level of expertise and experience amongst their trainers and we have had very good responses from our employees that have attended their training."

Kevin Krayna Safety and Workers' Compensation Specialist
City of Boulder

Pete Lawrence

"As the Continuing Education Coordinator for the Colorado State Patrol, I have contracted with HeartSmart, Inc. to teach CPR and First Aid to our Troopers.  Thus far, your training has received tremendous feedback."

Pete Lawrence Trooper
Colorado State Patrol

Stuart Berger

"I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Perse at the ECCU (Emergency Cardiovascular Care Update) meeting in Las Vegas in June 2008. Mr. Perse shared a session with me and spoke about AED use and AED/CPR programs in schools.  I was impressed that Mr. Perse did a great job and had tremendous commitment to this cause."

Stuart Berger, M.D. Professor of Pediatrics
The Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

Raymond D Bahr

"You are indeed a pioneer and are to be congratulated for taking the time and effort to put this program into effect."

Raymond D Bahr, MD, FACC, FACP Medical Director
The Paul Dudley White Coronary Carte System St. Agnes Healthcare - Baltimore. MD

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